Under cover


Under cover

Styling: Νatasha Lionaki
Photographer: Panos Davios
Words by Εleni Papaioannou

A camel coat is the key that locks everything together.

If you cannot yet grasp the idea, think that this coat is to a man’s wardrobe what a little black dress is to women. Without it, you are incomplete. With it, every look makes sense. So, today we decided to put together a great but reckless, busy outfit, in order to see how the coat does its magic, acting like a sorcerer’s cape that transforms every look into a wise combination with great style.

· This is your chance to play with prints. Go ahead; match your shirt to your pocket square, just because you can. Polka dots all around, no worries about the consequences, the coat is here to quiet everything down if needed.
· While you are at it, why don’t you put on that check blazer you can’t keep your hands off? Combined with a plain white or brown shirt it would make a very nice business outfit, but once you put it together with your dotted duo, the Italian in you is set on fire!
· We are slowly getting out of the frost that covered our every choice this season. Some days are better than others, and those are the days, mostly spent indoors, when you can start going out without socks. Yes, we do have a no-sock fetish, thank you for realizing after all this time!
· A general rule says that there is no need for your camel coat to match any other color of your outfit, as it acts like a unique, cover-all piece, that clever sartorialists treat as they would a black coat. However, in the case of this outfit we put together, hints and traces of camel are found everywhere, from the blazer to the shoes. Why? Because we felt like giving the coat the important role of the thread that binds everything together.
Try it at home and enjoy the flattering remarks on the street!


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