Walking on sunshine


Walking on sunshine

Styling: Sofia Tsakiri
Photographer: Panos Davios
Words by Eleni Papaioannou

Step out of your four walls into the refreshing style that nature calls for.

A brand new year, a fresh new you. After the frenzy partying and the cozy family get-togethers, this is the time to dedicate to yourself, your thoughts and your plans for the future. The best way to make your resolutions is to get in touch with nature, so a walk around Mount Lycabettus is just what the doctor orders! Of course, you have had enough of formal wear but you still don’t feel like walking around in your trainers and sweats so the answer to the timeless “what to wear” question can be found somewhere in between. Where? In the perfect casual style brought to us by some of the finest brands out there.

· Swap your jacket for a thick, wool cardigan. It is so much warmer and it keeps your style high. If, however, you have packed on some weight, maybe you should choose a thinner weave.
· Yes, you can still wear a tie, especially if you plan, later on, to go for a casual meeting. But it can be worn loose, acting more like a scarf.
· If the weather permits, you can skip the coat and replace it with a lovely wool jacket. Some are wide enough to cover both acts and get you out of the dilemma.
· Comfortable shoes always take you far, like these Barbour lace ups with the style and fit that goes the extra mile.
· For last, a grooming tip: even when you are taking the mountains, a fresh haircut and beard trim will make you feel good about yourself, much better than any accessory –however, a great pair of sunglasses always helps.


Cotton shirt, trousers and wool jacket, All by Gant, Available at Notos Galleries.

Wool double-breasted cardigan by Nautica, Available at Notos Galleries.

Leather shoes by Barbour, Available at Notos Galleries.

Olive veins “Wanderer” glasses by Jim Frames Eyewear, Available at