Creative envy




Portrait: Vasilis Karidis
Interview By Eleni Papaioannou

The master of minimal diversity talks to IIWT.

He was just 18 years old when he announced to his parents he would become a designer and he hasn’t stopped since. Fashion has always been his outlet, especially on a personal level, and major theater productions have depended on his talent to uplift their plays. His boutique in Kolonaki attracts men and women who are conscious of the sartorial power his designs carry and are not afraid to transform it through their own, personal expression. His collections are always greeted with respect, admiration and a sense of uniqueness that has made him extremely loved, even by his peers. Laconic but full of meaning, as are his designs, here are his answers to our questions…

SS17, concept/photography by GRAAM

What inspires you?
Music, architecture, life itself.

Who have been your role models?

When you were little, what did you want to be, growing up?
A painter or dancer.

Any radical outfits, growing up?
So many extreme appearances when I was younger, every day was a reason to dress up.

SS17, concept/photography by GRAAM

Did you dress your friends when you were young?
Yes, and I enjoyed it very much.

What defined your own, personal style?
Sharp n easy, sophisticated n casual, urban n sportive… Eclecticism in progress!

Who did you copy, when you were young?
I could say that I was under the Japanese masters’ influence …

What posters did you have in your room?
I never had posters in my room.

What changes, while you grow more mature, artistically?
The truth behind the creation

Favorite fashion decade?
80s to 90s.

What defined your design style? Club culture, pop culture or something else?
Every day creative living

From left: SS11, AW13-14, SS14, SS12

What helped you more, your studies or experience?
My experience of course.

What do you regret?
Sometimes I think that it could be better for my work if I had moved abroad, but I don’t regret that I didn’t do it, because I like to live my life here!

What is the best choice you ever made, artistically?
To only do things that I believe in!

What is the difference between designing men and women’s clothes?
For me the main aesthetic idea is the same for both sexes, of course there are many differences between them in matters of needs and theory.

Have you ever seen your design on someone and truly hated it?
Thank God, not till now!

Who is your brand’s ideal man?
The individual ones, with self confidence and a creative mind .

Favorite fashion film.
Twin Peaks ….

Favorite designer.
Mr Yamamoto and Mr Galliano.

Which designers do you follow?
Junya Watanabe, Undercover, Dries van Noten, Jose Fond ( Delposo).


Which ones do you feel are overrated?
In my opinion what ia happening now with Gucci and Vetements is too much

Favorite band/song.
Favorite band “The Black Angels” … favorite song “Young hearts run free”.

Who are the best-dressed men around? Name a few.
The editor/publisher Nickolas Georgiou, the lawyer Socrates Rammos, the director Thanos Papastergiou and my partner Yiorgos Mo .

What is necessary to have, in our wardrobe?
Clothes that express the personality are useful in everyday living and look beautiful on the body. Any other advice is useless, if it is not personal.